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A thank you, plus a website update

Aw, I got the sweetest virtual gift from an anonymous sender--milk and cookies! Thank you for those, whoever you are! *nom nom nom nom*

I made an update and a bit of an overhaul to my website last week--I still have the same aqua/teal theme (familiarity is comforting), but the page featuring my HP fanfiction is now sorted in the order in which I wrote stuff, most recent to earliest (most recent at the top of the page). Plus I've eliminated the "shorter fics/full-length fics" division and just put a word count. I figure this is good for those who say, "Show me the stuff that hasn't been jossed, that's written more recently when the writer has (one hopes) improved her craft," and also for those who say, "Give me the earlier stuff, when the writer was new-fandomed and eager and still full of fresh ideas."

One of these days I'd like to make a page which sorts the fics by pairings as well, but, eef, not this week. Too tired.

(I'm still using Netscape Composer to make and update web pages. Wonder how long I can go on doing that.)
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