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Doctor Who "Utopia," Spoilers

(Point scoring for old-school Whovians re: 'Utopia,' and how I measured up; SPOILERS for Utopia)

Hearing that they're reviving the Doctor Who series in 2005 and thinking, "Cool. Wonder if the Master will show up?" -- 1 point.

Watching Utopia and saying, minutes into it, "Hey, it's Derek Jacobi!...Damn, wouldn't it be cool if he turned out to be the Master." -- 1 point.

Watching Derek Jacobi having a funny turn and saying, "Yup. Totally the Master." -- 1 point.

Trying to figure out if "Yarner" (as I misheard his name) translates as "Master" in another language, or anagrams to it, etc. -- 1 point.

Completely missing, as I did, the "Yana" being an acronym even when they demonstrated it in front of me (I thought they were just flashbacking and was still hung up on the "other language/anagram" thing) -- Negative 1 point.

Getting severe chills when Derek Jacobi says, "I am The Master," despite having seen it coming from that far back -- 1 point.

Thinking how cool it is that they got Derek Jacobi to play the Master... -- 0.5 points.

...but thinking, "Wow, they're going to have to pay Derek Jacobi Derek Jacobi fees for every episode that he plays The Master," and forgetting the obvious feature of Time Lords until Chantho shoots him -- Negative 1 point.

Wistfully thinking it's a pity, because Tennant Doctor/Jacobi Master UST would have been fabulous to watch -- That is NOT old school Who related, that's just slashfangirly. NO points.
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