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Overwhelmed thank yous, the HPSA, and why it's okay to keep writing about That Character...

I'm overwhelmed at the outpouring of outrage all over the reviews page of that plagiarist. I know perfectly well it ain't precisely just because it's ME-- it's because plagiarists are thieves who should be stopped-- but I can't help it, I look at all the fury and the frequent uses of the f-word to highlight that fury and just get a warm fuzzy feeling.

Thank you all so, so very much, guys. I love you so much!

Oh, and yes, I reported it. (I have decided not to actually put anything on the reviews page myself, at least not presently, because... well, it would have rather a calm, witty tone, and I just can't undercut the sheer anger that others have put here to vilify the plagiarist. It would feel disrespectful of all of you! And also, if she's a repeat offender, she's probably eagerly waiting my reaction in an adrenaline junkie kind of way. Let 'er be disappointed.)

Also, I suppose it is time for me to send in my list of nominees for the Harry Potter Slash Awards, as the end of June (and the deadline) approacheth. I was hoping the list of nominees would be updated-- I have it on good authority that it's not complete-- so that I could avoid duplication of nominees, but my list will just have to do as it is. Oh, it has been so hard whittling those down to just two a category!

Oh, and I have thoughts about fanfiction and OotP, and why, yes, we should indeed keep writing about That Character.

Okay, there's a whole host of responses as to whether Sirius is Really Dead, Permanently Dead, Doesn't Feel Gone Exactly, or what. And whether the whole lot of us who keep speculating, and can't accept No, Not Coming Back In Any Way, are just in Dreadfully Anguished Denial. And some days I waver on which camp I'm in.

Well, I just want you to think about this:

If you stop writing Sirius in your fanfiction because it "isn't canon,"...

...and he DOES come back...

...won't you feel STUPID?

Won't you be going, "AAAAHHHH! I could have been writing Sirius-is-still-around-after-seventh-year stories all this time! And I gave it up! DAMN you, JKR!!!"

Personally, I'd rather be going, "Sigh. Okay, I guess it was denialfic after all," later, than having the above reaction. If this had been the seventh book, that would be different. But it's not, and who knows, really, what'll happen? So, that's my $.02.
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