Amanuensis (amanuensis1) wrote,

Movie + Book within one week of each other = O_O OMG when do I SLEEP

I'll say this about the pdf scans of DH: it's made me eager, not fearful, to get my hands on the book as soon as possible now. And that's something that I hadn't been, up to this point, so. That's kind of a nice feeling. I'd still rather read the book as the book, though, since I had the tiniest peek at the scans and they're kinda squinty to read. Wonder if that's going to be possible while still staying spoiler-free?

Is anyone gonna be interested in reading my OotP film commentary by this point, I wonder? Heh. It's still not quite finished. Been having too active a week. But I'm seeing it again, tonight I think!
Tags: hp
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