Amanuensis (amanuensis1) wrote,

Looking back on predictions for end-of-the-series deaths.

Remember this post? January 24, 2006:

My predictions for who might bite it in Deathly Hallows (before we even knew it would be called Deathly Hallows).

Let's see how I measured up:

Didn't think any of the trio would die. Though, let's be fair--as soon as Universal Studios announced they would be making Hogwarts Theme Park I was convinced Harry would survive, because, as dementordelta put it, "No one's going to want to go to Dead Boy Land."

I assumed Snape would die but also assumed he'd be more upset over his execution of Dumbledore, expecting and seeking his own death. Well, it still fit the structure of the narrative for him to die. Not happy about it--in fact I'm pretty sure my entire read of DH was affected by my feelings of "Look, just tell me if you're going to spare Snape already"--but I figured it was going to happen. Sigh.

Missed Lupin entirely, thinking his romance with Tonks protected him. Didn't even consider Tonks in my list!

Ginny, Luna, Neville- didn't think so. Didn't think about Colin Creevey, but, then, who did.

Malfoys- Called Draco (he deserved to live, for having made the right choice not to be a killer, even if still a snot-nose) but missed Lucius entirely. I assumed if Lucius was out of Azkaban he'd be toast, and his being spared is likely my largest DH squee.

Weasleys- READ that paragraph. READ it. PWNED.

Voldemort, Bellatrix- no one's all that surprised, are they?

Pettigrew- we thought so about him too, and wasn't his death cool? Voldemort booby-trapped his gift from the first, knowing that life debt might play into things! What's that line from that recent Snape/Draco of femmequixotic's? "The Dark Lord may be a fool, but he is not an utter fool."

Okay, Hagrid didn't die, but, let's be fair, how many times did you say, "Oh, stop teasing us, just die already" during DH? And I like Hagrid, I really do, but narratively his death made the most sense. Someone lovable we would cry for but who would gladly die to protect Harry.

Told you Hedwig wasn't free of risk. Told you. *sobs*

So, no one's going to start placing bets on me when I predict the Oscars, but at least it looks like I was reading the same books JKR was writing, in thinking about the characters.
Tags: hp, meta
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