Amanuensis (amanuensis1) wrote,

Dust off the packing boxes, Phyllis.

This scares me to be saying it, because I am always saying, "let's see how it plays out, maybe everything will work out," because I am a Pollyanna and also because I'm a wuss when it comes to taking a stand, but, if Livejournal is going to permanently ban fanartists whose work I love and I don't know that I can stay here any longer on LJ, I really don't.

It's not merely that their journals are deleted, it's also that LJ has told them they are not allowed to create any more ever.

I don't intend to delete my journal, because content loss from the web to me is akin to a library section burning, an atrocity, but how can I give LJ more money, how can I actively use a site that will not allow my friends to participate? I cannot passively say that I will overlook this by being active in the community that is excluding them.

I will not delete this journal. I will continue to update in it and in communities to which I belong until some reasonable consensus can be reached as to where the other LJ members who are not willing to stand for this can go as a collective. I've secured amanuensis1 on GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal, but right now they are only placeholder journals, no content or customizing.

One proposal has been to stop giving LJ any money, let our accounts go basic, and use LJ only to provide links to our content on other sites. That's a start, but if I can't run my friendslist and see my artist friends on there because they are not allowed in, then that still isn't enough. Fandom needs its own blogging haven. It would be lovely if fandom created and paid for it ourselves, though I know that'll take some doing.

Yes, you will see fandom content continue in this journal for now (I still have lots of Deathly Hallows thoughts floating about) and I will continue to participate in all of yours. I won't let my portion of fandom come to a standstill because of this either (or they've won). Heh. Feels a little like Potterwatch, doesn't it?
Tags: lj maintenance
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