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Who needs sleep, anyway.

So very behind in:

1. Replying to comments. (You guys are wonderfully articulate and I crave the dialogue, so, dammit, I still want to get to 'em.)

2. Setting up GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal, and JournalFen to be something beyond placeholders.

3. Making new icons. So many DH jokes to be played with!

4. Writing post-DH fic. Isn't that the most heinous of all? Plotbunnies should always be fed. Hey, how about this for a standard disclaimer in the future? "All characters in this story are fictional and thus have no age."

I still have DH meta to spring on you, though. Bits and pieces seems to be as good a method as any, so, here's one: Remember the film of Philospher's/Sorcerer's Stone? Do you think that Columbus and Kloves were told by Rowling, "Listen, you have to make sure Harry really does catch the Snitch in his mouth; it's important later"--or did they just get lucky in choosing to include that in the film?
Tags: dh, meta
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