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Some LJ, some GIP, some meta, and some non-con. That covers most of it, right?

1. There's a growing movement to choose InsaneJournal as a settlin' place, and I like the reasons it's being praised, so, I think it is likely I will start getting my InsaneJournal up to speed, makin' it pretty, adding friends and communities. And I will likely begin crossposting to both LJ and IJ--I've got a Mac, so, I'll be doing that the old fashioned paste-and-post way--and then we'll see how the traffic goes, shall we? My thoughts right now are that as long as LJ allows me to keep my livejournal I'll keep using it to connect to those who are content to stay on LJ. I'm on the net all the time, so, what's one more flist, after all. ^_^

2. GIP. (DH spoiler) Variation on an earlier icon.

3. Here's the quote: "(Harry's) black hair reached his shoulders and there was a dark shadow around his jaw." -Deathly Hallows, Ch. 23, Malfoy Manor --Okay, fanartists drawin' me all those wonderful "I open at the close" illustrations? GIVE ME MY LONG-HAIRED FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW STUBBLE!HARRY. BECAUSE OMG CANON.

4. I wrote non-con comment porn this morning and it felt so good I'm sharing it uncut even though it's not HPverse, it's classic Doctor Who-verse and thus probably only a handful of people will care, but, dammit, in these times of upheaval I celebrate all smut. It arose in response to a thread over on violetisblue's lamenting the lack of Nyssa smut, and I think all you need to know is that The Master secretly took over the body of Nyssa's father and got very much younger-looking. So this is Nyssa/Master semi-incestuous non-con, OOOOH!

" has this happened?"

How fragile she is, how little and delicate. Not her body but her trust. Though now that he thinks on it, he can indulge in the former even as he violates the latter.

He touches the cream-smooth cheek, fingers the auburn curls of her hair with fatherly affection. "Child, it is more than I can explain with words. Perhaps I might show you instead."

His touch on her hair changes. Grips. First draws, then drags her near.

She has time for one more utterance of "Father?" before he bites at her mouth with his, hooks his fingers in the neckline of her dress and tears.

After that, it is largely screaming.

Tags: ficlet, gip, lj maintenance, meta
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