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Answers to Quotes meme

Answers to the Quotes Meme:

"Hey, why are you all still alive?--Oh, that's right, it's only Tuesday."
-Zorak on The Brak Show

"Are you with the bride, or the failure?"
-MST3K, The Day the Earth Froze

"'Allo, poppet."
-Either Ragetti or Pintel (or both), Pirates of the Caribbean

-"It is for want of better graces, for my accent and my station, that I am to board this prison vessel."
-"...And for all them murders you done."
-The Nasty episode of TheYoung Ones

-"Where's your husband?"
-"My husband is dead."
-"Will you marry me? Did he leave you any money? Answer the second question first."
-The immortal Groucho Marx and equally immortal Margaret Dumont in Duck Soup

"I wet 'em."
-Terry Jones on Monty Python's Flying Circus

-"And any plan vhere you lose your hat is...?"
-"...A bad plan?"
-Two Jagermonsters in the comic Girl Genius

"That was Speed in French, which in France was called La Vitesse. Except it wasn't, it was called Speed."
-Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill

-"You know, son, forty percent of all traffic accidents--"
-"Oh, shut up, willya?"
-MST3K, Last Clear Chance, a bitter short film on traffic safety and railroad crossings

"So the dog's name is fuckin' Pongo."
-Denis Leary, Lock 'N' Load

"Let's do some crimes! Let's get sushi, and not pay!"
-The punks in Repo Man

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