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No real trip report, but it wouldn't have been very original anyway.

Because of the whirlwind of OotP and Sectus and DH and Prophecy and deletegate but we'll pretend for a day that's nothing to do with us shall we I haven't posted any kind of trip report on the two conventions, and at this point I'm probably not likely to so I'll summarize by saying I had a fabulous time, I saw and fangirled so many wonderful people, and I miss London and Toronto and my fellow fans terribly much (food! sights! slash!). Pretty much what everyone else had to say.

I've had someone ask if I would post the drabbles that I wrote at the Prophecy Snarry meet-up or ask the recipients of them to transcribe them, and in answer, while I might try to reconstruct them at some point (I made a quick list of what I'd written, the next morning), they were meant to be gifts without obligation to their recipients. So, no, I won't say here who all got one because, as I said, gifts without obligations. ^_^

However, I should have post-DH smutfic to post in a few days. And I won't tell you the names of my betas, either, so you can't pester them to hurry.

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