Amanuensis (amanuensis1) wrote,

Formatting help, anyone?

Oof, I've run into a snag, but it only has to do with formatting. Can anyone help me and save what will be a day's worth of work on formatting alone?

I've been composing the document in Word, and I realized late that I needed to do special formatting for this one--some lines centered, some paragraphs left-justified and some with indented margins on both side. So I've made little macros in Word to help me do that faster. Trust me to forget that the mechanisms of Word formatting--those little "set margins to this number" and "click here to center the paragraph" mouse clicks--do NOT translate to html when one tries to cut-and-paste into an html-based engine (such as the Netscape Composer I use to make webpages, or LJ's posting mechanism) later. Arrrrgh.

So does anyone have any suggestions what I might do at this point so I don't have to go through the Netscape Composer document and cut-and-paste "center" and "/center" and "blockquote" and "/blockquote" by hand two thousand times?

ETA: Oh! I think I might have it! I tried saving it as an html document, then revealing the html, THEN I had to paste the document with all the html revealed into the html source version of the Netscape Composer page. Okay, I think this might work! (But if anyone has other suggestions I'll take them.)
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