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Amusingly, there are no actual spoilers in that link.

*gigglesnort* This "Overheard in New York" has to be the best reaction to "No Harry Potter Spoilers!" ever.

Meantime, I finished the...thing...Saturday night. Truly a frenzy; done six days from the moment I started, with 10K words done on Thursday and 10K words done on Saturday, with the others worked in and around work hours the other days. I have formatting and some after-notes and maybe a little editing to accomplish, and there's a work presentation that's due Thursday (it's inevitable; I always get the best spurts of creativity when there's a different project deadline looming) so I think I'm likely to put the thing up just after that. Watch for it Thursday. When I will stop calling it "thing." Don't want to give it a complex.
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