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1. How did I miss hp_summersmut (and its mirror on IJ, hp_summersmut)? There are some real gems tucked away in that collection.

2. Anyone ever need to bump me off, it will be supremely easy. I got a package of fabulous chocolate in the mail yesterday that had no gift card in it, which did not stop me from eating the chocolate even as I hunted for the gift card--okay, the box's country of orgin suggests to me the probable sender, but still.

3. It occurs to me that if Christopher Eccleston's Doctor were to meet a slightly older-or-younger version of himself, and the two of them were to make a Captain Jack Harkness sandwich, the pairing would be called Nine/Jack/Nine, which, since I am likely the only one on my flist who gets why that is amusing to me, will net you a drabble, pairing of your choice, if you can tell me the reference.
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