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DRABBLE: Hide In Plain Sight (James/Scorpius, PG-13,~250 words)

Annnnnnd the drabble in question for gossymer is here.

Hide In Plain Sight, ~250 words, James/Scorpius, PG-13 for suggestiveness.


"Do you like your classes, Scorpius?" asked Mrs. Potter.

Mr. Potter, at the other end of the table, chuckled. "No one Scorpius's age ever likes being asked that question. Do they, Scorpius?"

Scorpius made an effort not to roll his eyes. Albus's father was trying to be chummy. "I suppose I like Defense Against the Dark Arts well enough."

A snort from James. "He would," James said, not quite low enough to be a mutter.

Mr. Potter gave James a warning look. "None of that."

James didn't suppress his eye-roll. He tucked back into his pudding.

"Scorpius is really good," Albus said around a mouthful of lemon sponge. "We always try to be paired together and I always learn things."

"How to get blood stains out of one's uniform, I'll bet."

"James!" That was Mrs. Potter this time. "You can be excused if you can't be civil."

"No, let James stay," Scorpius said, mild as milk. "He can hardly be faulted for defending a little brother against an opponent with natural skills."

"Unnatural's a better word."

"Perhaps." Scorpius licked the back of his spoon as he looked at James. "I've heard some people refer to my skills that way."

It was worth it to see James's face freeze that way. And no one else, of course, had the faintest inkling what was making their dear oldest son's breath catch like that.

Scorpius suspected James'd make him pay for it later, after everyone else had gone to sleep, but he always looked forward to those punishments, actually.
Tags: fic, hp, slash
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