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In case there was any doubt.

Ghost Rider is the worst movie ever. One can only reach this level of disappointment by being a fan of the original source material, and I was collecting old Ghost Rider comics in my teens and quoting "Mortal fool" at tiresome mundane peers, so I've got a lot of disappointment to plumb, but my GOD. When the thing starts out cheesy but no worse than any comic book film you've seen--even looking like potentially cheesy fun that's following the original story kinda--but then gets awful when Nicolas Cage shows up (worse! A film that gets worse when Nicolas Cage shows up! Are there any other films out there that do that?!) (*genuine Nicolas Cage fan*), and then, THEN, when the cgi version of the Ghost Rider shows up, makes you scream, "Oh my GOD please bring back the merely shitty Nicolas Cage level!", and then it does and you're screaming, "Nooooo, put back the other version, I changed my mind, gahhhhhhh!"--okay, that is a level of suckitude I haven't seen since...well, since Revenge of the Sith, pretty recently I guess.

Wow. So bad you can't even MSTy it for laughing so hard. Thank god I had zero expectations to begin with.

*amuses self through rest of DVD with the occasional shot of prettydemonboy Wes Bentley*
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