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So much reading goodness ahead!

Smutmas has all been posted and now all that's left is The Big Reveal. Which I sort of wish could be delayed another month because I'm still back on December 9 with my reading--not to mention my lack of inroads on snarry_holidays or hd_holidays. But! Now the posting is over and the volume is finite and I can get down to serious reading. --Oh. And then there will be that Yuletide thing, won't there? Eh. That'll be my February reading.

Forgive me if you've been posting "Year In Review" posts and I don't read or comment--I dislike capsulizing the year in that way, as if the calendar year had some kind of significance that should make us stop, look back, and catalogue our accomplishments within that duration. I'd rather use that time to keep accomplishin' new stuff.
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