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And the Entwives! What about the Entwives?

Nobody cares about other people's dreams, but last night's just wouldn't quit; I kept waking up and going right back into it when I fell asleep again, over and over and over. And it was the horrible "in a play but can't remember your lines" kind of dream, except mine are always laced with "and don't have enough time for the costume changes and still haven't figured out how you're wearing your hair and can't even remember what scenes were cut in rehearsal and aren't even sure what roles you're still playing, and, by, the way, isn't this musical in German?" Don't you hate those?

(The play this time was the musical Elisabeth and I was supposed to play the roles of Empress Elisabeth's aide, Pippin from LotR, and Sirius Black, and I still had no idea if the Girl-With-A-Pearl-Earring headwrap would serve for the first ensemble number or how I was supposed to die in the Veil scene or if we'd cut the animagus transformation number "Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs" by the time the damn overture started. I'm exhausted.)
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