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On Torchwood 2.08

Science and storytelling blather for Torchwood's "A Day in the Death"...

Actually, Owen is moving air, as evidenced by him speaking aloud. What he's not doing is breathing--that is, exchanging gases in his lungs. Which means that the air he moves out of his mouth is more oxygen-rich than the exhalations of a living person, because there's less carbon dioxide in it--he's just moving the oxygenized atmosphere back and forth. So he'd be BETTER at mouth-to-mouth than a living human! Science geeks unite.

And I'm so glad Martha is gone. Not because I don't like her (I do) or didn't like her role in Torchwood (I did) or because she should only belong to The Other Show (nah) but because Martha and Gwen cannot occupy the same show without sacrificing one of 'em. Gwen was non-existent in these last three episodes and it wasn't for lack of lines; it's because both she and Martha play the "heart and soul" character role, and there's only room for one of those.

I'm so looking forward to AlienPREG next episode, eee!
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