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Follow-up to the previous Elder Wand question.

Fascinating. When I read the words, "The master of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy," in DH, everything became plain as day to me: how the Elder Wand is not a fixed wand, but transfers its abilities to the wand which wins the duel. Which is why Voldemort's attempt to take the wand from Dumbledore's corpse was useless, because Dumbledore's wand was no longer the Elder Wand--the power had transferred to Draco's wand, and since Harry defeated Draco without a wand (Harry's was broken at the time, and he just physically overpowered and took the wand from Draco) the power of the Elder Wand simply stayed in that wand, and then acknowledged Harry as its master. I thought it was clever and satisfying.

Except it wasn't right. It works--it's a potential interpretation of the events, except for one bit in the text that counters it: the text identifies the wand that flies into the air in the very last Voldemort-Harry duel as "the Elder Wand" and from context that wand is the one which was in Voldemort's hand. If not for that it could have been valid, I think. Evidently JKR's interpretation of "The master of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy" was that Draco was the wand's master but he never actually took possession of it, and when Harry defeated Draco Harry became the wand's master but he didn't lay hands on it either until that final moment in the duel with Voldemort.

*yawns* I'm too tired to think of anything else except that I like my first version better.
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