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fandomsecrets and hd_worldcup

fandomsecrets is my new lj pleasure, and I don't call it a guilty pleasure, either. What's to be guilty about enjoying the open confessions and rants of people who are in an anonymous sharing mood? Seems quite natural to enjoy that.

Which is probably why I can't think of any fandom secrets to share on that forum. Because I already tell everybody everything I think. You all know that I 'ship crazy s**t like Nemo/Gill, love my main fandom even though I didn't much like HBP or DH, think everything is better with porn, defend fics vilified as having the most absurd OOC premises as clever tongue-in-cheek AUs, sometimes like the OVAs better that their original manga. I'm not even ashamed to tell you that when I was in college and the going got tough, I told myself, "Judge Dredd wouldn't give up! Neither should you!" and that would get me through another day. Heck, I should keep some fandom thoughts secret; then I'd be mysterious and alluring. Probably not going to happen.

On another note, all you Harry/Draco 'shippers, tomorrow begins hd_worldcup posting! Six weeks of posting, four teams worth of H/D fic/art, all tarot-themed. And it will all be posted anonymously! I invite everyone to guess which one's mine, 'cos guessing games are fun. And vote, too.

artwork by red_rahl banner by incapricious

And go cheer on Team Fanon, 'cos you love it. You know you do.
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