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Torchwood: Lovechild of Doctor Who and Monty Python

It's odd how I enjoy Torchwood but don't necessarily think it's that good. Can't really put it into words: it's not the acting (the acting's the best part), it's not the scripts (no real wincers anywhere), it's not the plot (some of 'em are not at all bad for SF television)...I think the pacing is just off in general. Which Doctor Who suffers from as well, many a time.

So I'm done trying to explain Torchwood. Anyone asks me why I like it, I'm going to quote them this Monty Python sketch, from episode 42, and tell them, I like Torchwood 'cos when you get down to it, it's like this made flesh:
"Coming to this cinema soon! The tender compassionate story of one man's love for another man in drag. THRILL! to the excitement of a night emission over Germany. When the pilot, Jennifer, has to choose between his secret love for Louis, the hot-bloodedly bi-sexual navigator and Andy, the rear gunner, who, though quite assertive with girls, tends to take the submissive role in his relationships with men. And sensational Mexican starlet, Rosetta Nixon, plays the head of bomber command, whose passion for sea-birds ends in tragedy. With Ginger, as the half-man, half-woman, parrot whose unnatural instincts brought forbidden love in the aviary. And Roger as Pip, the half-parrot, half-man, half-woman, three-quarter badger, ex-bigamist negro preacher, for whom banjo-playing was very difficult, and he never mastered it although he took several courses and went to banjo college ... er ... and everything ... don't miss it!"
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