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Catbert must be laughing his ass off.

God help me, I am trapped in Dilbert Hell. Something is wonky with my workplace's wireless internet, but in order for them to reboot their servers or routers or what have you, it has to go to higher administrative off-site echelons and be approved, which I'm told will take days to get the approval. If that even turns out to solve the problem. Meanwhile I am using dial-up. DIAL-UP. At least I made sure they never got rid of those analog phone access points.

But, I promised frivolity, didn't I? So here's a picture which made me snort caffeine-free diet coke up my nose.

(The Essential Ingredient, featuring Snape and a hippo, by Protowilson)

This is hardly strong evidence of how desperately work-related my need to have the high-speed wireless restablished is, but, foo. I'm taking my stress relievers where I can.
Tags: hp, internet woes
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