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"Dear old things, plus Bird..."

Without doing anything beyond bordering on spoilers, Doctor Who 4 x 08, Silence in the Library, is my favorite episode of the season, and I say that knowing full well they could fudge it all up next episode, but I don't think they will. This is exactly the sort of brain-pounding "Where is this all GOING, omigod??" that I loved about episodes like Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace.

I have finally got around to watching My Boy Jack--I've heard very little about this on my flist, which surprises me. I'd be watching this even if not for Dan Radcliffe, as my TiVo is set for Masterpiece anyway, but, migod, I'm only forty minutes in and I've been close to tears so many times. Radcliffe really can act, dear gods, he really can. And this is a perfect role for him, metaphorical even, as a young man in transition to grim adulthood. I suspect I'll really be at the kleenex before this is over.
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