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Announcing: SL Publishing Group and my original erotica (!!!)

I have a happy announcement.

I am writing original slash erotica, and I am going to be paid for it.

A subscription yaoi site has branched into a new site, SL Publishing, and five of its authors--Alice Montrose, Becca Abbott, Delilah deSora, Heather Jan, and Octavia Atlas--have moved along with it. It will similarly function as a monthly/yearly subscription site. The authors are presently offering original yaoi stories at the rate of one to two chapters per month, per story. I have been invited to join them.

I am over the moon about this. I'm thrilled for those fanauthors who are successfully selling their original YA novels, but all I've ever wanted to write is filthy dirty lurid porn. This is exactly where I hoped to arrive one day, and HP fandom brought me here, bless you all. I don't anticipate wealth that's going to keep me in steak dinners as a result, but it's pay, not self-publishing, and it's the beginning of my paid writing credits.

No, of course I'm not giving up fanfiction. I haven't produced as many fics in the past year, and that's just a natural product of having given that fandom my all for several delightful years. Eventually you start to run out of fresh ideas for the same storyverse. If the ideas show up I'll run with them, but they're not coming as frequently as they did. Meanwhile, this concubine named Silvian has shown up in my head and wants his lewd multichapter tale told, one orgasm at a time, so, I have to listen to him. (I can hardly believe this is my first WIP, too. It's different, working with outlines like this!) And no, the website full of fanfiction is not going anywhere.

And like it says in my bio, it's fun to come up with character names again.

If any of you would like to read my first original slash smut since 2002, come over to SL Publishing. Subscriptions are monthly or yearly, and the site already has ten ongoing stories. The first two chapters of each story are free previews; further chapters will require a subscription.

How do we authors get paid? We get a percentage of the profit made from monthly and yearly subscriptions, each month. So, if you a) like what you read, b) want to read more, c) want to directly support my writing career and make me happy dance even more wildly--yes, please, subscribe!

What's the story, you say? Here's title, summary, and teaser:

Lord Bereshti's Concubines

Silvian is the favorite concubine of a wealthy lord. When a new, reluctant concubine is added to the collection, Silvian takes it upon himself to save the new one from his fears, with unplanned results.

Warnings/enticements: explicit sex, yaoi, strong language, dubious consent, bondage/punishment kink.


"Wine?" the Darleshan ambassador found himself echoing stupidly.

"Yes, wine." Lord Bereshti remained seated in his chair and gestured with his free hand; the ambassador could not take his eyes from what the man was doing with his not-free hand, and so could only assume there was wine to be had in that direction. "A pleasant, if youthful vintage. Sit. Do have some."

Youthful. Gods above, the youth wedged between Bereshti's knees was a mere boy. The not-free hand of Bereshti's circled one pale nipple, teasing and plucking at it as if he would remove it and pop it into his mouth like a sweet; the boy arched into the touch and moaned, lifting his head from where it was burrowed between the lord's burly thighs.

No--not a boy, the ambassador realized, as the beauty of that face was made plain. A chamthi-drinker. Still beardless, smooth-bodied, lilting-voiced. Chamthi had such properties, when consumed from a young age; no proper man would ever drink the tea pressed from it. Of course, the ambassador was far from his native Darlesh--the only place one could find proper men.

But coin knew no country, so one could not hide oneself in civilized Darlesh and forgo trade.

Two chapters are up; I'm working on the third. According to my outline there will be smut in every chapter. Everyone needs goals; that's mine. I will announce the posting of new chapters on livejournal/insanejournal.

I adore you all, whether this interests you or not. Thank you all for getting me here. &hearts
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