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Did someone say, "Hey, human sucker"? Yeah, that would be me.

Finished watching the anime episodes of Death Note.

Wept copiously. I frightened co-workers today, bawling in the bathroom. So many reasons for weeping--I wept for Light, for L, for the delightfully ugly crash-and-burn of a fool's dream of justice, for Mello, for Ryuk, but also for reaching the end of something I adored. Fuck me.

I still have the live-actions to watch! And the manga to read, and I want to find forums that can explain some of the convolutions of the four different Death Notes (especially why the police at times could and then couldn't see the Shinigami--who touched what Note again? I got lost), and I bought the U.S. DVDs in current release (and my Light and L figures, still boxed, are sitting on my shelf making eyes at each other) and can give the English dubbed versions a go for variety. And an icon or two to make.

I think there is at least one Light/L fanfic in me that wants to get out--not so much for the smut, especially as my smut needs are being channelled into my original fiction right now--but it's the meta in me wanting to manifest in fic. The part that explains why Light came to his end because of his love for L. As if there were any doubt. *crunches apple*
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