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For the Love of Pastry Cream, I had to! (Drabble, PSoH/DN crossover)

Because someone had to write it.

Pet Shop of Horrors/Death Note crossover drabble. D/L, G-rated, 123 words, totally unspoilery sugar junkie crack.


"Welcome to my pet shop. I am D. I sense you are a young man with extraordinary needs."

"I'm L, which seems...more than a little coincidental. Your powers of perception might be unsettling to some. Or, you might have just smelled the profiteroles in this bag, and judged by their quality that I'm someone in serious need of answers from you. I estimate a 92% probability of the latter."

"It is quite a large bag."

"Half of them are for me."

"Ah. That might be a problem."

"It won't be. The bakery delivers."

"How precognitive of you."

Three hours and four hundred twenty-six profiteroles later, both men had died of endogenous insulin shock, and the Case of the Kappa Kidnapping was never solved.

Tags: death note, pet shop of horrors
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