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Update, original fic: Lord Bereshti's Concubines, ch. 3 & 4

Some smut content, yay! I've posted two new chapters of Lord Bereshti's Concubines at SL Publishing.


"You'd get Fylor dismissed just because you can't keep from teasing him. No, worse--" he was speaking directly into Avir's mouth, biting his lower lip again at intervals for good measure-- "you'd get him whipped, wouldn't you, because after you'd enticed him beyond endurance and he threw you down and buggered you raw, you'd scream rape and cry your charming little eyes out, just so no one would blame you. You filthy liar," Silvian condemned him, punctuating it with another bite that had Avir crying out again, whether at the pain or the injustice of the accusation it didn't matter.

Remember that the first two chapters of each story on SL Publishing are free previews, but once you go beyond that, further reading requires subscription to the site. Right now Lord Bereshti's Concubines has a total of four chapters. I anticipate adding two new ones each month.

*entices* Dub-con in these chapters! And a threesome! And discipline (read: spanking)!
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