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Chicago om nom nom.

Terminus in a couple of days, yay! I was actually just in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, so my list of non-fan things I want to accomplish is short. And everything involves food and everything's within walking distance.

-Weber Grill. This was a great casual restaurant, with terrific steaks and burgers, a menu with a lot of variety, and one of the best chocolate malts I've ever had. And not too expensive! Reasonable prices and great steak don't always show up together. I'm not making any big group dinner plans because there are enough planned events as it is, but I'll be hitting this place for dinner at least once, if anyone would like to join me.

-Vosges Chocolates. My favorite of their bars all involve salt. I think I've eaten everything I brought home. Must get more truffles. Mmmmmm.

-Chicago-style pizza. This might be good for carry-out. I love Uno's but I can get Uno's where I live, so, more likely it'll be Gino's East or Giordano's. Or whatever else pops up within walking distance and sounds yummy.

-Argo Tea. Like Starbucks for tea. Creamy sweet tea drinks, both cold and hot.

-Wow Bao. Chinese steamed buns and other goodies. Great for portable food. Their homemade pomegranate ginger ale is fantastic.
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