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Terminus fun. (Cut-tags are for wusses.)

Home from Terminus. For those of you who don't attend HP cons or SF/fantasy/fandom/etc. conventions in general, when you first go to cons you attend all the programming, and after a few years you go to almost none of the programming and instead you go there in order to hang with your friends and plan your own gathering times. This is my fifth HP convention and, yep, I'm at that point.

There are a few people whose sides I do not physically want to leave--my, "What are you doing next? Yeah, I'll do that too," friends. I'm pretty sure they know who they are. I hope so, anyway. When I start to marvel at the coincidence that these ladies are also the fanauthors I most adore, I remind myself that it probably isn't coincidence, because that's what put me on their track in the first place, sent me running to them in fangirlish glee-squee. But it is fantastic and amazing and probably my share of universe-karma all used up that, yes, they turned out to be just-as-incredible people in person and accepted my worship and seem to like me back just as much. I didn't have them all there this time, but as you can imagine, it makes the time one spends with those who are there all the more precious.

And then there are the people you didn't know as well online but get to know better at the conventions and discover they're fantastic too, and you get clingy to them and start planning meet-ups that don't even involve a convention. Sigh. Fandom is awesome.

Hghlights included:

-Discovering that I have been a fan of ravenna_c_tan's original fiction for the better part of two decades. I didn't know!

-The official-looking sign posted on the mirror in the Quimby's bookstore bathroom that reads something like, "Jesus CHRIST, when you're done, please put the toilet lid down and clean up after yourself. Are you actual animals or WHAT." Something like. Funnier, actually.

-I never get to spend as much time as I like with dementordelta, bethbethbeth, and femmequixotic. They radiate such cool and confidence and and sheer welcoming openness, it leaves me stammering. When bethbethbeth ran into me at the dance, I had such a rush of affection I could not help but drape myself over her in a naughty worshipful display of boogie fever. Which she joined in, most graciously. Beth, you class act, mwah.

-dementordelta's glorious, glorious Snarry trousers. Snarry art heat-transfers all over 'em.

-mijan was dressed in black tie for the dance--cufflinks, fringed white scarf, the works--and radiated elegance. The two of us had a bit of a dance; I blushed just to be under her attention, she had such grace. &hearts

- nimori's creation, The Ultimate Mary Sue Board Game. Collect the affections of six major HP characters and try not to lose them to catfights! There was a board decorated with squid, Deus Ex Machina cards, fairy-winged princess tokens...Which one was my token again--Jasmina Malfoy? Something like that.ziasudra_fic won. *awards her the sparkly tiara*

-Saturday night's dinner actually got everyone fed and happy with yummy steak despite the wait for a table and the closure of the subway line we were supposed to take, thank you, Chicago CTA. A few of us walked back and it was a freakin' gorgeous night. That Michigan-and-Wacker-Drive view at night can't be beat as far as city views go IMHO.

-I think acromantular knows I girlcrushed her a little. I ran into her a whole bunch and she's lovely to begin with and she glams up gorgeous. *waves, ducks and giggles behind hand*

-The number of people who showed up for my "what's Slytherin?" presentation. Awww! I didn't have nearly enough handouts, 'cos I hadn't expected all that many people. And everyone was attentive and pretended they were interested. :D

-Reminiscing about TV shows with lauriegilbert in the pool and discovering we were both huge Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip fans, right down to the "Nevada Day" quotes.

-Anti-highlight: Where did that "McCain picked Rice as his running mate" rumor come from? I didn't realize it was false until this morning.

-Another anti-highlight: the elevators in the hotel had little TVs playing CNN, and dbassassin observed, "Every time I get in the elevators someone else dies." So they were the Death Elevators from that point. Bye, Bernie 'n' Isaac.

-At one point I heard this utterly gorgeous music from the lobby piano. Turned out to be a Wizard Wrock duo called RiddleTM, performing a lovely wrenching Harry-lamenting-Sirius number. They have a MySpace page and an album and streaming audio and all, and the music featured on the page is quite nice, but the experience of the solo acoustic piano that I heard pounding out there in the lobby can't be matched by mere electronic arrangement. I guess that will have to remain a wistful memory. *goes to their myspace page and replays Beyond the Veil a few times anyway*

- Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha we got a handful of the uninitiated to watch the first two eps of Death Note. It was like a birthday present for me. Fifteen or so of us piled on and around the lounge sofa, watching on the laptop, the ones who had seen it watching the reactions of the ones who hadn't. And everyone was fixed. titti came by looking for us and at first thought everyone had left because the area had become so quiet! Ah ha ha ha. femmequixotic, thank you thank you for being open to the suggestion, 'cos it was your "Sure, show it to me" that made it all happen. Smooooch.

(There was also the disagreement with reddwarfer as to why she wouldn't let me take her new Light Yagami/Ryuk wallscroll back to the hotel and take a nap with it. It would just have been SLEEP. It wouldn't really have been infidelity, honest.)

-Showed a few people my other other obsession, the musical Elisabeth (You come for the slash, you stay for the music. And the Takarazuka troupe too). They liked! I should have some mp3s to share soon, for those of you who are keen. ^_^
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