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Because writing should be inspired.

I'm deeply happy that I had the honor of participating in merry_smutmas for every one of its years. But it's retired, and so is my participation in exchange fests.

Exchange fests, I learned, aren't really a good format for me: they put an obligation on my shoulders and a list in my lap but they do not provide plotbunnies.

I write by plotbunnies. "I like Harry/Draco" is not a plotbunny. Yeah, I love 'em too, kiddo; got anything else?

The format of the pornish_pixies Fantasy Fests suits me better. Everyone submits plotbunnies, replete with pairings and kinks and most importantly, scenarios, and you look at that list of two hundred storylines ("Harry finds his mum's wedding gown in a trunk and decides to use it to seduce Snape") and you pick and choose the ones that make you say Oh, hell, yes.

Because when I see, "Harry/Remus, Pansy/Hermione, Dumbledore/Grindlewald, Snape/Right Hand; teasing, deep kissing, bondage, double penetration"...I see a list. I don't see a story.

*thinks about Harry in Lily's wedding gown, gets distracted*
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