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Death Note meme--16 questions

My, it's nice to have a little time to meme-play.

Ganked from lycoris:

Death Note meme--16 questions!

01. The first character I fell in love with:
Light. You can see the flashes of this bright earnest kid shining through the madness the Death Note's inflicted on him. And he's so freaking smart. Every time he engineers a new bit of plot to fool or remove those standing in his way, I just want him to keep getting away with it so the game can go on.

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
You know, I always thought Near was clever but a cold fish. I didn't really like him; I thought I'd have liked him better if he'd died. And then capslock_dn posted this huge page of sexy/cute Near fanart (the "Let's gangbang this bitch!" birthday celebration, oh my god), and suddenly I love the hot little minx. Yes, I have a one-track mind.

03. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
Beyond Birthday. What? He's sort of canon. But he's kind of a sick fuck. And everyone seems to be crazy about him.

04. The character I love that everyone else hates:
Shoot, I'm not sure I have one. Raye Penber? It's not that everyone hates him, but I've seen vehement reaction to his assholishness when he tells Naomi, "Plz to stop thinking, woman, and focus on being a good little wife." Yet I couldn't find his death as delicious as I do if he weren't perfectly undeserving of it. He's a decent soul, and I felt for him, and his death is such a scary/fabulous turning point in the story. It's Light's no-going-back "MUAHAHA" moment.

05. The character I would sleep with anytime:
I wouldn't ever sleep with Light. He wouldn't want to be sleeping with me, and who wants that? But I have shameless fantasies about seducing the hell out of virgin!L. I love to imagine him bewildered and not quite understanding what I'm suggesting. Seriously, wouldn't you all seduce L, just to see the faces he'd make?

06. The character I’d want to be like:
In truth, I want to be as smart and calculating as Light and as L, but oh, jeezus, I have such fantasies of being as swaggering and as flaming and as hotheaded a creature as Mello. If I were Mello I would be such a little fairy slut and I would wear it like it was the mark of royalty.

07. The character I’d slap:
Misa. Because she'd slap me back and it would turn into a girlfight where we'd tear each other's clothes off and wrestle and all the guys would have fun watching! Ah, what I won't do for my men of Death Note.

08. Favourite character:
Light. Followed closely by L, and both of them surpassed by Light/L. Oh, wait, that's not the question is it.

09. Five favourite characters:
Commissioner Gordon Soichiro Yagami.

10. Five least favourite characters:
Misa--except, she's not really a "least favorite." I hate her, but she's a great character, because we're meant to hate her. Actually I rather like her in the live-action. (And, truthfully? She'd be so much more interesting to me if Light were a girl. Her fawning worship of him is just too tainted with the sexism of it all for me not to hate her. Make 'em both girls and you'd remove all that baggage for me. Ah, well.)
Demegawa. He's a schmuck, but again, he's meant to be.
Mom Yagami. Okay, that's a fair choice for least favorite. What we see of her is too one-dimensional for her to matter to me. I can't even be bothered to check the spelling of her first name.
Beyond Birthday. I would call him interesting except for that "born with Shinigami eyes" thing. WTF?
Who about...Light's first victim? I mean, taking children hostage. That's just not right.

11. Character I am most like:
Tough question. There's some Light in me. I don't believe killing will ever make a better world, but I have that solipsistic core of "Only I can do this," which is a little worrisome. There's some L in me as well. The socially-retarded fixation on an obsession. And there's some Matsuda too--I think Matsuda is a entry point for a lot of fans even if we don't see ourselves as a goofball, because Matsuda reflects the normal person's outlook on Kira--we don't believe in killing and know Kira's vision is hugely flawed, but we know a world with less crime is a good thing and we wish Kira's vision could be that simple. And I can't deny my Ryuk side, either--"G'wan, keep me entertained. I'll come along for the ride as long as you do." I also think I match up a lot with Aizawa. I'm willing to do what's right but I have a breaking point, and I may arrive at the right answers if I plod away in my own method.

I don't have any secrets, I tell everyone what I'm thinking! I have no internal filters!...Oh, all right, I've only told the closest people this one: I totally want to cosplay Mello. This embarrasses me because my rules are that if it requires a wig, I'm not doing cosplay of that character. But I'd buy the wig, and the rest of the costume, and wear it to every bloody SF con. I've told myself if I lose ten pounds, I'm doing it; that's my motivation.

13. A pairing (or more!) I love:
Light/L is my OTP for life. But I also love Ryuk/Everybody and Mello/Any Male. And I soften a little every time I think about Rem/Misa.

14. A pairing (or more!) I despise:
I just think the het is mostly boring in this fandom. I did read a great Light/Misa where he could hardly bear touching her but he was boffing her routinely to keep her happy. Yeah, that's my take on their relationship too. Oddly, I can accept het pairings for both L and Near. It probably goes back to my "seduce virgin!L" fantasy. I can see Naomi or Wedy or Halle or Takada doing the same with L or Near.

15. Five favourite things about the fandom:
The way Light/L is the overwhelming pairing.
capslock_dn. The place where nothing is too crack or too stupid to post. Because our brains go stupid whenever we see anything relating to our fandom, and sometimes you just have to share.
Death Note is POPULAR. Even for anime, it's popular. I walk about with my buttons on my purse and even occasional mundanes see them and say, "Hey, Death Note." This also means there's plenty of merchandise to own.
No one's teased me because I watched the anime before I read the manga and I actually prefer the anime. The music. The pacing. The killing sequence in the first episode! I push the anime on newbies, not the manga. And no one calls me a stupid cunt for it or anything.
Lots of fanart! And the fanart is gorgeous.

16. Five least favourite things about the fandom:
Not enough meta to be found! I want to read/discuss more literary analysis of the story every day. WHERE IS IT ALL.
Average age of fans = pretty young. (That's probably why not as much literary analysis.)
Language delay--I have to wait for the subs any time anything new comes out. (Nevertheless the language/culture barrier is part of what makes the story interesting.)
Too much of the merchandise makes one look nihilistic if one wears/carries it. Skulls and such. I would wear Misa's necklace because it's pretty except it's Misa's, blech.
NEEDS MORE FUNNY ICONS. *opens Photoshop Elements*
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