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CODE GEASS FICLET: Zero Requiem Corollary (Crack, subtextual Lulu/Suzu)

And a crack!ficlet.

Zero Requiem Corollary
Categories: Crack/Humor
Summary: Capes and such notwithstanding, Lulu made one seriously bad fashion choice.
Words: ~400
More subtextual Lelouch/Suzaku.

Takes place before the end but will still spoil you for the whole damn series.

"What the hell is that on your head."

Not taking his eyes from the mirror, Lelouch reaches up, adjusts the green dangle. "Don't you like it?"

Suzaku shuts the door behind him, walks about to face the emperor he's sworn to follow. He sets his fists on his hips. "It's hideous. It looks like you're wearing a serviette folded by a--"

"A blind man?"

"I would never joke like that. I can't believe you would."

"Power goes to my head. You know that." Lelouch leans forward and gives the hat another adjustment. "I'm going to wear it all the time. Every day."

"You are not. I can't even look at you."

"Every day. Until this hat is synonymous with my visage." His grin is terrifying. "This, my fine Knight of Zero, is all part of the master plan. The corollary, if you will, to the Zero Requiem."

"You have completely gone round the bend, and I mean besides in the way you already have."

Lelouch turns his attention back to the mirror, looking at his smile, eyes half-lidded. "Did you see that abomination of cloth and feathers Cornelia was wearing on her head in the throne room yesterday?"

"Of course I saw it. I was dodging swords and spears and yet I still couldn't take my eyes off it. I thought it was going to fly away squawking."

"You agree that she wore it because she thought it made her look grand and attractive."

"I have no--all right, yes, she must have. Because I can't think of any other reason. Why women believe they look best disguised as mutant geese will never make sense to me."

"Yes, well." Lelouch's eyes narrow further. "I will become the most hated tyrant the world has ever known, Suzaku. The world will unite against me and rejoice at my death."

"I know all that. Don't keep talking about it," says Suzaku, and his voice is hard-edged.

"And when my successor rises, and denounces everything about me, from my Geass to my regicide--"

"I'll be your regicide, dammit--"

"But you won't be my successor. Be quiet. My Geass to my regicide to my maniacal laugh--"

"That one is getting to be impressive, I will say."

"--then the thing I'm also counting on them to do," Lelouch takes a deep breath, "is to ban hats."

Suzaku sucks in his lower lip.

"Pretty good chance," he admits.
Tags: code geass, fic, slash
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