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DRABBLE (Code Geass): Villains and Cats, 276 words

Small bit of Code Geass slash drabblage.

Villains and Cats
Pairing: Lelouch/Suzaku
Words: 276
Spoilers for the end of the series.

Lelouch turned at the sound, saw Suzaku in the doorway with the cat cradled in his arms, heard the double hiss.

One belonged to Arthur, his teeth sunk predictably into Suzaku's hand. The other, understandably, belonged to Suzaku, trying to free his hand.

"You ought to get rid of that cat," said Lelouch, grinning the first honest grin he'd had in days. Likely the first since taking the throne.

"I am," winced Suzaku, dislodging Arthur's teeth at last. "I'm giving him to you."

"To me? You're the one he likes."

"You have to have him," Suzaku said, lower lip nearly protruding with stubbornness. "It's important."


"So people will believe you." He thrust the cat at Lelouch. Arthur dangled like taffy from his hands. "Villains have to have cats. It's the rule."

Arthur yowled.

Oddly, Lelouch didn't feel like bursting into laughter. It was touching. "I don't think I can take him," he said after a pause. "It wouldn't be kind, forcing him into a state where he'll soon have to mourn both his masters. You think?"

Suzaku spent several seconds with his eyes lowered, not meeting Lelouch's gaze. At last he allowed Arthur to gain the floor. Lelouch watched the cat curl around Suzaku's ankles. Wretched little beast, showing affection because he knew he couldn't bite through Suzaku's boots, no doubt.

"You don't have to give me your cat."

"I need..." Suzaku's voice broke. "I need to give you something."

Lelouch took Suzaku's bitten hand in his, touched the bloody toothmarks. "I know. Come here." He raised the palm to his lips.

Arthur stole out the doorway, looking for other amusement. Neither of them noticed.
Tags: code geass, fic, slash
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