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Yuletide request post (yes, I joined this year!)

Dear Yuletide Writer:

First off, relax! No matter what you write, I'm going to be thrilled that you took the time to craft something for me. More good news: I actually love short pieces. If you feel nothing will do but to write 25,000 words of plot-and-character-driven saga, I'll hardly complain, but some of my favorite pieces of fanfiction are short little plot-what-plot pieces or character studies. So if you feel like aiming for a brief tale, and just want to hit 1,000 words on the dot and call it a day, believe me, I will be delighted!

I hope that since you volunteered to write in your chosen fandoms, that that means you like them and wouldn't mind reading fic for them yourself. Which is why I'm going to say this: when writing, please yourself first. Don't write to my specifications! Write to your own, because if you like what you write, the chances are splendid I will too, because your love for the material will shine through. Much better way of doing things than trying to incorporate little quirks and kinks all through in the hope that one of us will be pleased.

I wasn't shy when I put the additional details on my four requests, so if you've seen those I probably don't have to elaborate further. But to touch on the basics across the board, yes, I love slash, and I love smut. If you don't wish to write slash then any of my requests would also be suited for a focus on the friendships (or animosities) between the male characters. And as I mentioned, I would be happy to see any of the other characters within the fandoms incorporated into the story if you think they fit what you're writing. No obligations; I just want you to know that there aren't any characters that I hate or wish you'd avoid.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave me anonymous comments; this journal's open to them, and I'd be happy to give you any info you need!
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