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The almost completely unspoilery eval of my Twilight read.

I read Twilight. Best quote I've heard about it was from dolorous_ett, who said, "It's neither as good as I hoped, nor as bad as I hoped." That's pretty much my take. I did read the whole thing, didn't hate it. Did skim the last eighty or so pages--about the time the story decided it needed more excitement. Didn't agree with that, no. It was doing better as a character piece, and I had liked the romantic development better, which--fair is fair--was not badly done. There was genuine showing, rather than telling, in a good percentage of the romance. And I don't think Bella's a Mary Sue. Mary Sues in my opinion radiate inescapable "I'm so special" self-knowledge, and Bella instead focuses on her shortcomings, which no Mary Sue worth her sparkly unicorn familiar would do. Edward is even appealing, and as for the claims of purple prose, well, maybe my exposure to genuine badfic (Summary Executions, Babb Chronicles, and, you still have no peer in entertainment) has made me grateful for any author able to string a credible sentence together, but I didn't think it was too terribly much. Not worth all the hype, nah. But not horrible.

Though when an immortal impossibly gorgeous vampire does decide I should become his lifemate, I hope it's for a deeper reason than that he's keyed on the way I smell. Meh.
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