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"Solar System Blues" sounds like the title of a Cowboy Bebop episode, doesn't it.

On December twenty-first, I looked at the noon sun (it was actually out), looking diluted and wan as if it were only an hour or two to dusk, and thought, "But now you're going the OTHER way." Solstice always gives me that relieved feeling, like I've just averted a disaster. (Maybe that's another reason I liked the film Sunshine so well.)

I was/am made of fail in getting holiday cards out this year; if I get my act together I might still get 'em out for New Year's (it's part of "the holidays" too!), BUT I got my Yuletide story in early (plus one ficlet) so I'm not going to beat myself up too badly.

Woo. Day off today. Yay! Smooches to all, whatever you celebrate. *smooch*
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