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FIC x 2: Gankutsuou, Kuroshitsuji fandoms (Yuletide reveal)

Yuletide was so good to me, in multiple ways--I was assigned Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo to write and I was given it as giftfic, too. And I really wanted to write Count/Albert in this fandom and with my recipient's request I was able to write just what I wanted as well, so, I was happy even before I got my own giftfic. Which turned out to be more Gankutsuou of the sort I wanted to read--one of those "subtext made text from beginning to end" pieces--but couldn't quite write myself. So much thanks to hpstrangelove! And a lovely bonus mood ficlet of the same characters, too, from mithrigil!

I'd also asked for and volunteered to write Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and did end up writing a ficlet for someone's request, plus there was a Sebastian/Ciel piece (Lucid Dreaming) written that exactly met my own desires in characters, style, and delicious perversity.

Stories wut I wrote:

Fandom: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Pairing: The Count/Albert
Rating: Soft NC-17
Words: ~3300
Summary: Albert is in love. That's all he knows and all that matters.
A/N: If you know The Count of Monte Cristo in any form, you should find this accessible, as Gankutsuou is the same story, names and all, set in the future.

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Little Sir Hugh
Characters: Madame Red, Ciel, Sebastian, Grell
Rating: PG
Words: ~700
Summary: "She sat him on a golden chair, she gave him sugar sweet/ She lay him on a dressing board and stabbed him like a sheep."
Lyrics to the Steeleye Span cover of the ballad Little Sir Hugh can be found here.
A/N: The idea of this ballad pastiche--a lady in monochrome, threatening harm to a noble young boy--came to me while watching the anime, and when WhiteCat asked for something about Madame Red I sat down and wrote it.
Tags: fic, gankutsuou, kuroshitsuji, slash, yuletide
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