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Energy Bar Taste Test (Part one, maybe?)

So I did a taste-test on a few different energy bars based on your suggestions.

Luna Bar, Lemon Zest flavor: Nice! It's not cake-like as I prefer, but it was tasty. It's like a dense-and-hearty rice krispie treat, without the sticky-sweet insubstantiality, and if it weren't for the icing it would be dull, but it is lovely sweet icing, a bit candy-like in just the right dose. Not too high in fat or calories, so I felt like I could eat it and then eat dinner an hour later if that's how things fell out. I'll try a couple of other flavors.

Power Bar Pria, Chocolate Peanut Crunch: I have not yet dropped dead from peanut-carried salmonella, so I can endorse this one. (Actually their website specifically says they're not affected by the recall. Yay!) Good tasting! A small bar, low in fat and calories so good for a fast guilt-free bite, and the chocolate coating was very nice. Texture close to rice krispies but denser, like the Luna Bar. I'd buy this one again and will try other flavors.

Clif Kid Organic Z Bar, Chocolate Brownie flavor: I detested the Clif bar I'd tried last week--tasted like a rock--but gave this a try because I thought since it was for kids they might have candied it up a bit, you know. Apparently they were using the Dickensian Orphanage Philosophy Of Treating Kids, because I couldn't get beyond one bite. Another chocolate-flavored rock. Ugh.

Larabar, Chocolate Coconut Chew: Now, THIS tasted like dessert. Mmm. Chewy/cakey but hearty, and yummy enough to make me wish I had another bite or two to the bar. Naturally, it's the highest in fat 'n' calories of the four, on a par with a candy bar. I'd choose it over a candy bar if I wanted something to stave off hunger, but I wouldn't choose it over a cookie or brownie for dessert. All the flavors seem to run high in fat grams, but rely on natural ingredients for sweetness and heartiness, so, I'll probably be buying these too.
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