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Update, original fic: Lord Bereshti's Concubines, ch. 7 & 8

For those of you following my original fiction, I've posted two new chapters of Lord Bereshti's Concubines on SL Publishing. The story's up to chapter 8 now. Enjoy!


He reached out with one hand; when Avir would have released Jovari's hair, Silvian insinuated his fingers into their place, drawing Jovari's head back so that those liquid eyes darted back to meet his. Jovari's breathing was just a bit quick; Silvian swiped at a smear of wetness on his lower lip with his thumb, making a caress of it. "Not bad." Not perfect, but Jovari had had little praise from anyone recently, he'd wager.

Jovari didn't speak, but Silvian saw the change come over that mouth. Worse than petulance: contempt. Give the boy an inch... "Get that look off your face right now. I want to see you give Van the same tender care; in fact we want to see it done better." The look didn't quite go, but Silvian sensed Jovari only needed another nudge; he wasn't about to fight. "Is that the look you'll wear when the master praises you and then hands you off without warning to two of his friends who have been giving him envious glances? It's not over at orgasm, neophyte."
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