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Update, original fic: Lord Bereshti's Concubines, ch. 9

For anyone following my original fiction, another new chapter of Lord Bereshti's Concubines is up at SL Publishing. The story's up to chapter 9 now. Enjoy!


"How tight are those clamps?" said the young noble in a breath that was utterly free of artifice, stripped of any pretense to sophistication.

Neither Van nor Avir answered him; even if either had had a mouth free, it would have sounded like complaining to say they were quite tight, would have been too clinical to claim they were of sufficient tension to keep things interesting for the one bound, and would have risked ruining the fantasy to assure the noble that they were not, after all, too unbearable. Silvian of course would not answer, as he wasn't being addressed.

Bereshti had caught the spoken question, however. "You might ask him," he said with his usual smile. "You might even go see."
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