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Quick con report: Anime North 09

New icon to celebrate the weekend.

Anime North was fun, especially the company. Hung with nimori and moon_child02. (There may have been cosplay. There may even be evidence.) I bought swag, mostly buttons, bags, and bookmarks of Death Note, Kuroshitsuji, and Hetalia fanartwork--the kind of nonlicensed merchandise you won't find on eBay; that's what makes it special.

I also had an epiphany about fandom swag: there are items you want, items that are too cute/cool/nifty to pass up, and then there are the items that you don't really want but you fear that if you don't have them you are by definition Not A Real Fan, because a Real Fan would HAVE that, would never be able to pass it up, what are you thinking you're a shallow horrible fan how dare you call yourself obsessed. If you leave them on the shelf unbought you feel like Pinocchio, protesting your realness. I'm learning to get over that feeling in the name of 1) money and 2) shelf space.

I saw the first two episodes of Bleach, so now at least I know the premise of this very popular series. It's good and it's humorous, but it didn't quite hook me: a bit too lighthearted, a bit too mainstream...nothing that left me saying, "F******CK, I gotta watch this." (What I'm now calling "The F*ck Factor.")

And nimori informs me that there is no fandom confession of mine that will shock her any longer, now that she knows I love Chi's Sweet Home. Hee.
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