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Anime Rec: Baccano!

I went into Baccano! knowing next to nothing about it except that it was recommended and that it used non-linear storytelling to good effect. Sold!

I can't say that I loved it; more that it was fascinating and I couldn't get it out of my head and I'm watching the series again because I want to, not just because you kind of have to if you want to catch all the answers. *imitates Golde in Fiddler on the Roof: "If that's not love what eeeeeeees?"*

But I do love funky story structure, when it works. The series caught me from the opening credits, showing off a huge cast of characters with names attached, as if to say, "Yes, they all matter, and it'll be clear later." The characters make this series. And all of them are at least a little bit crazy. Some are a LOT crazy. Some of those are my favorites.

The first half of the first episode provides a framing structure; two characters unconnected to the narrative trying to piece the story together. It drew me in right away. It might not work for everyone; when I showed the opening to the S.O. he so disliked these two characters he didn't want to watch any more. They aren't endearing, but I had thought it was plain they weren't going to show up again except for providing the framing structure.

If you want more details, the site for the English release has lots of goodies like summaries and character profiles and such.

Images found on nekosasu's blog.
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