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Torchwood Children of Earth Ep 4 (Spoilers)

I want this actress to get whatever the English equivalent of an Emmy is. Jeebus, that was fantastic.

...oh, you thought I was going to talk about that other thing? Well, why not.

1.) It doesn't make sense for them to have killed off so many members of the team and then to kill off more. Unless the series is ending completely.


2.) It doesn't make sense to give a character a long emotional death scene like that and then go "FAKE" one episode later.

So, yeah, there are little hints Ianto might not stay dead ("He will die," says the 4-5-6, as if there might be a while before everyone's actually dead. It's alien poison, who knows) (and Gwen's "There's nothing we can do," is just ripe for contradiction) but I'm trying to deal with the likelihood he's toast. If that's so, then I'd prefer the series end. Most of us aren't watching Torchwood in a "I only like the Jack And Gwen Show, all the other characters can go f**k themselves" way, so they'll piss off more viewers than they'll entertain if they've killed off this much of the regular cast.
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