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Bits and bites

-I have no proper con report for Azkatraz, as the gist of it goes, "Glomped this person, glomped that person, glomped those people," and has no anecdotes of crazy doom to entertain you. Plain, delightful fun that does not make for clever blog posts. Not that I'm complaining in the least. Those of you who made my weekend awesome, you know who you are.

-I did remember that it was Harry's birthday yesterday. But when it came time for cake, I was craving an egg tart. If I sang over it, that counts, yes?

-In my travels I saw some in-flight films, among them Monsters vs. Aliens. There were some joke-went-on-too-long, they're-pausing-too-long-for-audience-reaction flaws, but it was still oodles of fun and my favorite new oath is Hugh Laurie as Mad Scientist Cockroach Guy (still the consummate gentleman) crying, "Hawking's Chair!"

-Anime series I am currently giving a try: Monster. Tortured ethical protagonist. Ristorante Paradiso. Cute gentlemen waiters of middle age in glasses. Variety is important.

-Why I have not yet finished watching Avatar: Because there's a large joy-post coming shortly to celebrate my love for it before I reach the end.
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