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From starchy sticks of bitterness to 300-proof rotting slime in ten seconds flat. IT HAPPENS.

Me: I hate that I've become so picky about bananas. They've got to be at the exact stage of ripeness and not beyond or I won't eat them.
S.O.: I know what you mean, I'm the same way.
Me: You watch them like a hawk: too green, too green, too green, not quite yet, a little more-- and then you take ONE bathroom break and suddenly, oh, f**k, I missed the window!
S.O.: Took yer eyes off 'em just long enough to inhale. And it's all over.
Me: Yeah, sometimes you hit them in that twelve-hour time span when they're edible. And just one day beyond that...
S.O.:'s time to call in John Constantine.

In other news, I watched the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club twice tonight, once in Japanese with subtitles and one with English, and, damn, I have to say, that's a great English dub. Think I'm gonna go with it.
Tags: anime, food, ohshc, ouran
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