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Yuletide biz.

Ooh, I like my assignment for Yuletide lots. I thought I might get this one last year; it's something I've loved for a long time and am thrilled to have the motivation to write for it.

Regarding my own request,

Dear Yuletide Santa/Kringle/Hanukkah Fairy/etc.:

Everything I had to say about the specific fandoms, I think I covered in my request. If you'd like to hear more details about my fic likes in general:

Yes, I love slash. I discovered I liked m/m slash at the same time I dove headfirst into fanfiction; it was not a coincidence. Three of these four fandoms that I chose for Yuletide, I chose because I cherish the slashy possibilities of the two main characters. Having said that, I also like friendship fic, pre-slash hints, femslash, humor, crack (I adore well-done crack), Alternate Realities... I love NC-17 smut, but I won't be sad if the fic chooses not to go there, not if it doesn't feel right to you.

Please don't feel you have to write an epic. Short fic is often the most rewarding. I eat up even drabbles. Write me 5 200-word drabbles to make the word count minimum; I'll still go ape.

Thank you so much!
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