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DRABBLE: Roland Emmerich Only Wishes... (Hikaru no Go fandom, 205 words)

I finished my second run through the anime series of Hikaru no Go the other day. Time for a drabble.

Title: Roland Emmerich Only Wishes...
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Summary: "The quake, centered in Tokyo..."
Word count: 205
A/N: Unabashed crack.

The apocalypse does indeed begin with a whimper, but progresses so quickly to a bang it hardly makes a difference.

The quake, centered in Tokyo, can't be measured by present technology--the degree of magnitude exceeds the machinery's capacity--and every facility that would even be equipped to try is demolished as the seismic waves move at astronomical speeds over and through the earth's surface.

The tsunamis create their share of the destruction. Indonesia, New Zealand, and two-thirds of Australia are drowned first; it takes a fraction longer for the rebound effects to engulf Madagascar, and then Great Britain. Any smaller islands cease to be within minutes of the first tremors.

The eyes of the world, barely having had time to look in horror towards Japan, turn back to their own borders as tectonic plates do not merely shift and drift but crumble, great chasms swallowing every bit of human creation and existence. The United States has time for a few Godzilla jokes before it falls.

Somewhere a ghost closes its metaphorical eyes, and departs all planes of existence, mingled ecstasy and grief its last thought as it goes.

As foretold by that ghost, Hikaru and Akira have played the Hand of God at last.
Tags: fic, hikaru no go
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