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Let it snow COOKIES!

Oh, my! What a beautiful snowstorm of cookies on my userinfo page! You guys are the best. Thank you so much, the_flic, accioslash, glockgal, cluegirl, tbranch, titti, ziasudra_fic, cordelia_v, karasu_hime, midnitemaraud_r, goseaward, tartanshell, chinatree, bewarethesmirk, alice_montrose, iscaris, jenna_thorn, shezan, bookshop, hpstrangelove, ella_bane, not_sally, annephoenix, djinn, painless_j, and the anonymouseses. *MWAH!*

I want to reciprocate with content--can I write you guys drabbles? Give me a pairing and a prompt, any of the fandoms you know I write in or squee about. And anyone can ask for a drabble, not just those people on the list above! I won't promise to do them all but I'll try to pick some that will please the maximum number of people on my flist, especially those in the above group.
Tags: winter holidays
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