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Update, original fic: Lord Bereshti's Concubines, ch. 18

Chapter 18 of Lord Bereshti's Concubines is up.

Van was almost nose to nose with him when he stopped. Silvian's back was to the table of pottery, so he didn't dare back up. Didn't care to, besides. "What the hell did you do?" Van growled.

He'd feign ignorance. That was the best tack. "What did I do where?"

Van hit him on the shoulder. It was no friendly nudge. "Did you see him? After whatever you did?"

Avir had caught up to them; Arbeth almost. Fylor, watching the whole thing, would be in ecstasies. "We have an audience," Silvian hissed. "Half of Anqeret is watching." The pottery merchant, for starters, was giving Silvian a look of dire anxiety.

Chapter 19 will be up before the end of the month. I promise still more smut. ^_^
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