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Yuletide Reveal

So, what did I write for Yuletide? One full-length fic and two Madness ficlets.

Master Li and Number Ten Ox fandom (Bridge of Birds and sequels, Barry Hughart):
The Huli Jing
jenqzy asked for "a new brief Li/Ox adventure," in the style of the books. Thank you so much for the inspiration; I wouldn't have dared to try to create it if you hadn't asked! 3475 words.

Baccano! fandom:
When They First Met
Miaou Jones asked for Isaac/Miria fic, and anythingbutblue and bananastasia said they wanted fic of how Isaac and Miria might first have met. I've had my "isn't it obvious?" opinion on that since the first episode. 523 words.

WALL-E/ Battlestar Galactica crossover:
ageorwizardry wanted to see these two fandoms come together, so I had just enough of an idea to make a ficlet out of it. 286 words.

Thanks to everyone who commented; every one of the reviews had me squeeing!
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